Cambridge English Seminar in Kyiv 19.02.2015

Cambridge University Press, офіційний дистриб’ютор видавництва в Україні компанія Лінгвіст спільно з Cambridge English Language Assessment запрошують вчителів англійської мови відвідати методичний семінар «Classroom and Beyond»

Час та місце: 19/02/2015, 15.00, Ліцей №100 "Поділ" 

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Програма заходу:


14.30 – 15.00 Registration
15.00 – 15.50

Using Projects with Young Learners
Projects can motivate young learners because they encourage participation, promote learner independence and can involve different skills. In this talk we’ll discuss engaging and creative techniques for using projects in the young learners’ classroom.

Liubov Zaliubovska, Cambridge University Press ELT consultant

15.50 – 16.10 Book display and socializing
16.10 – 17.00

Boost Your Students' Motivation with Cambridge English: Key for Schools and Preliminary for Schools

The aims of this seminar is to establish why it is important to take English language exams and why it was felt necessary to introduce Cambridge English: Key (KET) and Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) specifically for the 11-14 age group. Information is also given on how the examinations are constructed, assessed and administered.

Daryna Sizhuk, Cambridge English Language Assessment Consultant Ukraine

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Throughout the seminar there will be an exhibition, giving you the opportunity to buy latest ELT publications, published by Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Exam Publishing organized by Linguist Ltd.

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