VII Щорічна методична конференція для вчителів англійської мови
Cambridge Day 2016

Організатори конференції: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge English Language Assessment, офіційний представник видавництва Кембриджського університету компанія Лінгвіст.

Адреса: м. Київ, вул. Лаврська 16а
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Адреса: м. Одеса,
Фонтанська дорога 23, актова зала НУ «Одеська юридична академія»

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Робоча мова конференції: англійська


matt2Matthew Siegal has been teaching English since 2009 and has worked as a teacher in schools, businesses and universities in Poland, Laos and the UK. Matthew has worked with Cambridge English Language Assessment from 2015, as a speaker in Northern and Central Europe in countries, such as Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria and Ukraine.  He has also worked as a Director of Studies of a summer language school in the United Kingdom. Matthew has worked as a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer at International House. He has delivered training sessions to teaching professionals from a range of institutions dealing with students from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Matthew is a native speaker of English who was born and grew up in the North West of England (UK) but he is in fact, through his parents, half Scottish and half American.
Lana Sushko2

Lana Sushko has been a teacher for over 22 years and a trainer for over 6 years. She has worked in Ukraine for various international language schools, teaching adults, teenagers and children. She has also trained teachers and teacher trainers for the British Council in Kiev. Lana founded her own teacher training studio SOVa which holds interactive workshops and summer schools for teachers and administrators all around Ukraine.

She has CELTA (2005) and IHCYLT (2006), her special interests lie in TPR approach and its role in the effective learning

Під час конференції наші гості матимуть можливість переглянути виставку навчальних та екзаменаційних матеріалів від видавництва Кембриджського університету, а також поспілкуватися з представниками екзаменаційних центрів Cambridge English.
Всі учасники конференції гарантовано отримають сертифікати та гарний настрій!

Програма заходу:

12.00-13.00 Реєстрація учасників
13.00-13.05 Вступне слово
13.05 – 13.10

Cambridge English-Opening Up a World of Opportunities.

Дарина Сіжук, консультант екзаменаційного департаменту Кембриджського університету в Україні, Cambridge English Language Assessment


Cambridge English-Materials That Make a Difference

Ганна Шовкалюк, методист видавництва Кембриджського університету Cambridge University Press

13.15 – 13.30

Cambridge English Schools Project – Bringing International Standards of English into your classroom.

Дарина Сіжук та Ганна Шовкалюк


Assessing Productive Skills at B1&B2 Levels

Communicating through speaking and writing are probably the most important and challenging aspects of English for our students and additionally the most daunting skills for us as teachers to assess. In this session we will analyse what makes a student a good written and oral communicator. We will also discuss what we need to look for when giving our students a grade and what challenges and issues we face when assessing our students. In addition, we will look at the best ways to give students feedback and help them to improve their productive skills.

Matthew Siegal, Cambridge English Language Assessment examiner and presenter




Are you ready for projects? - Prepare! 

The seminar is for the secondary school teachers who are interested in how to implement project work in their regular classes. The participants are going to look at  how to structure a project lesson. The seminar will also provide the teachers with lots of  project ideas.

Lana Sushko, Teacher Trainer, ‘Sova’ teacher training studio

16.30-16.40 Підведення підсумків

13.00 – 13.05

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